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04  March

Bank announces closure of its Newtown branch

30/11/2023 @ 08:17
Another high street bank is to close its doors in Newtown, it has emerged.

Lloyds Banking Group has announced it branch in High Street will close on 3 April next year.

It comes after other banks such s Barclays closed their branches in the town. Newtown is now one of the only town's in north Powys with HSBC and NatWest branches.

Montgomeryshire MP, Craig Williams, and MS, Russell George, have asked for talks with the bank to discuss the situation.

Craig Williams & Russell George, MP & MS for Montgomeryshire, are to hold urgent discussions with representatives of Lloyds Bank following the Group’s announcement that it intends to close its Newtown branch in April of next year.
Lloyds have today announced that its Newtown branch will be closing on 3rd April 2024, asserting that the decision has been taken in response to the changing behaviour of how customers bank.
Lloyds have stated that all members of staff at the Newtown branch will be offered the chance to move to a role at another branch, or another part of the business. A community banker will be provided in Newtown following the closure to help customers with banking queries, and customers will be able to access day to day banking services at the Post Office.
Mr Williams said: “Following their decision to pull out of Welshpool at the beginning of this year, Lloyds’ announcement today that it will be closing its Newtown branch in April is exceptionally disappointing news and an enormous blow to both personal and business customers.
“Whilst I accept that more and more of us are banking online, access to over-the-counter services is still vital for so many customers. It has always been my firm belief that there remains a strong need for banks to maintain a high street presence within rural communities,
“This decision also means that Lloyds will no longer have a physical branch presence within Montgomeryshire. Russell and I will therefore be seeking urgent discussions with their representatives to discuss how it will ensure that Lloyds’ loyal customers are not completely disenfranchised, and that support remains available to them.
Mr George said: “This is deeply disappointing news for Newtown and the surrounding communities. There are still so many customers who prefer not to bank online, or who are simply unable to given the nature of rural counties such as Montgomeryshire.
“Alongside Craig, I will be meeting with Lloyds imminently to ensure that both branch customers and staff are given the support they require and deserve.”