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Village housing plan scheme approved

Created on 12/05/2022 @ 07:20
Plans for 11 homes near Trefeglwys have been approved by Powys County Council planners.

Colin and Mandy Powell of Grandstand Farm, Trefeglwys, had applied to convert two barns at Garthpwt Farm between Trefeglwys and Clatter into 11 homes.

They had lodged two applications, one to convert the north barn into three homes.

The second application was to convert the west barn into eight homes.

Their application had included building five passing bays to allow vehicles to allow cars to pass each other on a narrow country road as well as a parking area.

Senior planning officer, Kate Bowen gave the proposal “conditional consent.”

One of the key conditions attached to the permission, is that they Powell’s will need to build 10 passing bays on the road before the buildings can be converted.

This is because the Highways Authority believe that the development is likely to generate 80 to 100 daily journeys on a “constrained highway network.”

They also recommended widening the road at a point where the second passing bay would be as well as minor improvements to the junction between the C2067 county road and the U2554 unclassified road.

Senior planning officer, Kate Bowen said that this would “mitigate” the Highway Authorities concerns and would deal with the increased risk to highway safety.

Ms Bowen said: “The land required for the passing bays is within highways verge and the land required for the localised widening and minor junction improvement is within the applicant’s control.”

The applicants will also need to make a “contribution” towards affordable homes.

This is because housing developments in this part of Powys are required to contribute make a 10 per-cent contribution towards affordable homes, and in this case it would be one house.

Ms Bowen said: “A contribution towards the provision of affordable housing will be required, policy also states that contributions shall be made in the form of on-site affordable housing provision.

“Alternative forms of contributions, including off-site provision or financial contributions in lieu of on-site provision, will only be considered where it can be demonstrated that on-site provision would not be appropriate.”

This forms part of another condition that the applicants would need to comply to, and they will need to supply the details of how the development would accommodate and affordable housing unit.

This condition would also need to be approved by Powys planners.

The family who also run “Luxury Lodges Wales” a tourist business in Trefeglwys, had looked into converting the barns into holiday accommodation.

Their agent Ian Price explained that this market had become very “competitive” in recent years and that converting the barns would help with the mix of housing need in the area.



By Elgan Hearn, Local Democracy Reporting Service