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99p a year rise in town council tax precept

Created on 15/01/2022 @ 09:31
Newtown Town Council will increase its Council Tax precept by 99p per year.

The council agreed to the increase while using reserves to help alleviate a larger increase.

It comes as Powys County Council is likely to increase its Council Tax precept by 3.9 per cent in April.

A town council statement said: "After reflective debate, and careful process which started in October, the council resolved to fund work through a precept of £178.54 per band D property; an increase of 99p per year per Band D property – the equivalent of 2p per week. 

"The council will use £70,000 from its general reserves, and funding from other income, to achieve the final budget amount of £873,828."

Mayor, Cllr Richard Williams comments “As the cost of living increases, I am pleased that Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council has been able to keep its precept increase to a minimum. The small increase of 99p per year for Band D property ensures that future financial prudence is achieved and helps to reduce increases in the future to a minimum. 

"Our annual budget of just over £870,000 for 2022-2023 allows us to continue our vital work in ensuring Newtown is a place for people to live, work, play and visit."

A council statement said: "Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council and each committee have followed a process in which items from the Council’s 5-year plan have been allocated to the most appropriate committee, each committee has then prepared a budget based on achieving the goals of the 5-year plan within agreed timescales.

"These individual committee and ‘direct to council’ budgets have been consolidated to produce the final 2022-2023 budget, a process which started in October 2021."