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Councillors could clap, smile and thumbs up at meetings

Created on 23/02/2021 @ 07:58

Newtown town councillors could be allowed to use more emojis during their virtual meetings, but the Mayor said he didn't want the council to descend into the likes of Handforth Parish Council.

Until now the Mayor of Newtown Town Council has only asked councillors to use a 'raise your hand' emoji at their Teams meetings in order to vote or raise a question.

At the end of last night's town council meeting, Cllr Peter Lewis said more symbols were now available on the platform, such as clapping.

"Can I use the other buttons next month?" joked Cllr Lewis.

The Mayor, Cllr David Selby, said he'd allow it, but added: "We wouldn't want to descend into the situation of the parish council," referring to the Handforth Parish Council Zoom meetings that have made national headlines due to the debates between councillors and the clerk.