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Cold snap threatens local wildlife

Created on 17/01/2013 @ 10:56

 Montgomeryshire has long been a bird loving Mecca but the current cold snap threatens the lives of our feathered garden friends.

It has prompted a call from the RSPB to ask local householders to do their bit to help out, and a local business has slashed the prices of their bungee bird feeders for our readers to try and help out.

Richard James, one of the RSPB’s wildlife advisors, said: “The sudden drop in temperatures across Mid Wales will have been a big shock to birds’ systems after spending the past couple of months with few worries in terms of food availability. Thanks to the recent mild weather, many natural food sources have been readily available and water has been easy to come by.  Now the snow and ice are here birds will need all the help they can get to survive the winter.”

The RSPB suggests calorie-rich foods like mixed seed, nyjer seed, fatballs, suet sprinkles, sunflower seed and good quality peanuts, as well as kitchen scraps, like mild grated cheese, rice and porridge oats. 

In freezing conditions birds become more dependent on water provided in gardens, and residents are asked to leave a ping pong ball in water trays to ensure they don’t freeze over.

For more information about safe ways to feed birds, how best to look after the wildlife in your garden and ways to avoid the pitfalls,

Meanwhile, locally based Eco Project has knocked 60% off their Bungee Bird Feeders (right) which are now available at just £2.99 through