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New lighting switched on at St Mary's Church

Created on 18/12/2019 @ 08:59
New lighting to enhance St Mary's Church and improve safety have been installed by Newtown Town Council.

The low-energy LED lighting has been installed following spates of vandalism over recent years.

"The original vision and aims of the lighting of St Mary’s was to supply the tower with electricity, to light the areas that were in darkness and provide a colourful lighting scheme that would enhance the building and surrounding gardens," said a town council spokesperson.

"There have been frequent and persistent acts of vandalism over the last few years and this project looked at ways to not only help reduce the risk of this happening but to also enhance the area, particularly into the evening and night time."

Phased coloured lights have been installed with high efficiency LED lighting that’s slowly phased through a spectrum of colours.

Deputy Mayor and lead councillor for the project, Councillor Richard White, said: “Two trees in St Mary’s churchyard, the roots of which were raising and breaking up the footpath, have been felled and the footpath repaved.

"The trees have been replaced by the planting of five young trees. I am delighted that an exciting project to illuminate St Mary’s churchyard enhancing the area for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike is now complete. Hopefully, this will put an end to the vandalism that has been perpetrated on several occasions in the churchyard."

Money for the scheme was partly raised by local ghost raconteur Rory Evans through ghost walks and tours.

"We are very grateful to Rory, known as our local ‘ghostly raconteur’ has been instrumental in raising a good deal of money for this very worthwhile project.”

He said: “Thank you, everybody, who has attended my ghost walks around St Mary’s. It means so much to me to have the lighting up now. Great community spirit along with the staff at Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council enabled this to happen. It’s great to see the old church looking so beautiful.”

Photo: Cllr Richard White and Rory Evans at St Mary's Church