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Villagers set up energy blockade

Created on 05/09/2011 @ 13:50

Residents in Cefn Coch, near Adfa came close to preventing a 'long vehicle' used by planning consultants from entering their community as part of a feasibility study into wind turbine transportation in the area.

It is understood the community was alerted to an escorted long vehicle travelling into Montgomeryshire from the Chirk direction and into Welshpool. The vehicle is believed to be used to demonstrate a lorry carrying a wind turbine or electricity transformer.

Within 25 minutes of the alert, 50 people and two JCB's were ready and prepared to stop the vehicle entering their community. The vehicle was believed to be part of a study looking at routes and costs associated with transporting wind turbines and transformers into the area as part of the plans to erect new windfarms, giant powerlines and an electricity sub-station either at Cefn Coch or Abermule.

According to the latest edition of 'Take The Power Back', a newsletter produced by Montgomeryshire Against Pylons, the community acted within 25 minutes of rumours surfacing about the vehicle heading in their direction.

"A sharp-eyed supporter spotted a suspiciously long vehicle on the Chirk bypass, accompanied by a van. The vehicle was said to have left the Raven Square in Welshpool heading for Cefn Coch," it states.

"The citizens of Cefn Coch mustered at once and within 25 minutes, 50 people, two JCBs and several cameras were standing by to repel intruders, with horses and flocks of sheep in reserve."

The article added: "This time no juggernaut arrived but Cefn Cochj have set a standard we must all try to emulate: how quickly could your community be ready."

Organisers of the Montgomeryshire Against Pylons campaign are seeking volunteers to help distribute their newsletter and pay towards the printing costs. It is also available online at