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Can you knit a 'fish and chip' jumper?

Created on 31/10/2020 @ 10:24
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Newtown's knitting natterers have thrown a challenge to local residents during lockdown - get knitting a Fish and Chip jumper.

Paula Roberts of Newtown Knit and Natter group, said the Fish and Chip jumper can be knitted by people before being sent to Africa where babies are often sent home wrapped in newspaper.

"This was actually started to support the poorest new-born babies in Africa. These babies are sent home from hospital wrapped in newspaper (hence the name Fish 'n' Chips) as the families are so poor that even clothing is an issue," said Paula.

"Much of their income goes on feeding their families. Today, this venture has moved on to supporting babies and young children in war torn areas where there is disaster as well as refugee camps.

"Many jumpers still go to the African orphanages where there are many children who are suffering from the AIDS virus."

Paula added: "A family run organisation in Northamptonshire has contacts in these areas and so has access to distribute these jumpers where they are most needed.

"Currently, jumpers are needed in Beirut (you will recall the explosion in the harbour, which left many homeless and destitute) and also in the refugee camps where the weather is becoming colder and wetter as winter approaches."

Paula said that on the Friday of lockdown she was approached at their stall by someone interested.

"On our stall on Friday I met a lovely lady called Fiona who asked if we would be able to make some of these jumpers and beanies as she is involved with this organisation.

"I said I felt sure my wonderful ladies could help out. She would be prepared to collect the jumpers from town and make sure they are safely delivered to be distributed to where they are most needed.
"So what about it wouldn’t it be lovely if we could make say 100 jumpers ! Now there’s a challenge let’s get family and friends on board they don’t have to belong to Knit and natter just need to be able to knit. Let’s get Newtown knitting.

"The jumpers can be made in all colours ( not white) so are a good stash buster and are easy to knit.
You only need to be able to cast on and off, knit and purl. Once lockdown is over I will be happy to collect the jumpers on my shopping trips into town. You can hang them on front doors or gates for me to collect so social distancing can be upheld."

More details are available at the group's Facebook page where anyone interested can message Paula.
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