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Mayor's plea over lockdown

Created on 19/10/2020 @ 13:22
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Newtown's Mayor has urged residents to keep in touch with friends, family and neighbours during the two-week national lockdown announced by the First Minister.

Cllr David Selby that the thought of being isolated for two weeks would effect many people and telephone and video calls were important while everyone stayed at home.

The 17 day lockdown will begin at 6pm on Friday and end on Monday, 9 November. Only critical workers or those who cannot work from home will be able to work, meaning many non-essential businesses, such as shops, will close.

However, manufacturers and others requiring people in work will be able to continue where workers have to be physically at their workplace.

Cllr Selby was involved in setting up the Newtown Network during the last lockdown. It provided information and "Angels" to provide information and support to those who needed it throughout the town.

“I am dismayed, as I am sure most in the town are, about the prospect of a national lock down starting on Friday. It is not for me to debate whether this will work or whether it needed here in Powys, but what I do say is that the town and its residents will have to pull together just as we had to do earlier in the year.

"The weather will not be as good, second time around will not be harder than earlier in the year. But we are a resilient town and community, now used to organising help and assistance and we will do that again.
"Staying at home and not meeting friends and family effects everyone in different ways. We have learnt by now that the effects of COVID 19 are far more than the illness its self.  Loneliness, despair, lack of income and concerns for our futures are widespread and difficult to “cure”.  Once again I ask that we all help our neighbours, family and friends.

"Let’s keep in touch with each other in the ways that can keep in touch. For those that need extra help the Newtown Network has distributed a Directory to every household in the town giving details of the organisations that are able to help.  One telephone number to bring support 0333 996 1124. More information will be provided as it becomes available. One day we will come through this.”

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