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MP condemned for voting for Internal Market Bill

Created on 15/09/2020 @ 21:44
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A former Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Montgomeryshire has condemned MP Craig Williams for "voting to break international law."

Mr Williams voted with the government in support of the controversial Internal Market Bill.

The Bill aims to unilaterally change clauses of the Withdrawal Agreement, a move which breaks international law and has been mired in controversy.

The Withdrawal Agreement was a key part of the Conservative 2019 Manifesto, with Boris Johnson proclaiming it an 'Oven Ready Deal' on many occasions. All 2019 Conservative candidates pledged to support the deal.

Jane Dodds, a former Liberal Democrat Candidate for Montgomeryshire and now Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader, said: "Mr Williams can try and spin this all they want, but the Internal Market bill goes against the very manifesto that they were elected upon in December.

"They pledged to 'get Brexit done', but now want to get Brexit undone because they don't like the agreement that they negotiated, that they campaigned upon and that they passed into law.

“This Bill has been criticised by all five living former Prime Ministers and every Attorney General of the past decade. When even the Government's top lawyer, Jonathan Jones, quits over it - you know something is wrong.

“If our MPs continue to support this bill, they will be undermining the rule of law and actively harming our reputation on the world stage. If this happens, we will find it much harder to agree new trade deals and this would be devastating for farmers and communities across Powys."
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