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MP backs campaign against scammers

Created on 12/06/2019 @ 15:12
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A campaign warning residents about scams is being backed by Montgomeryshire MP, Glyn Davies.

Mr Davies is supporting Citizens Advice’s ‘Scams Awareness’ campaign and is advising people in Montgomeryshire to keep an eye out for fraudsters and to save others by reporting any known crimes.
Citizen’s Advice is launching its 2019 Scams Awareness Campaign, running from 10-23 June, and is encouraging people to ‘stop, report, talk’ if they think they’ve been targeted by scams or fraud.

Citizen’s Advice’s research has found that a staggering 61 per cent of people have been targeted by scammers within the last two years, with nearly 40% of people targeted 5 or more times. Critically, almost half of the people surveyed had taken no action to protect themselves against scams.
Glyn is supporting Citizens Advice’s campaign and is encouraging Montgomeryshire residents to beware of any possible scams, as well as reporting any which they come across to the relevant authorities.
Commenting, Glyn Davies MP said: “More and more people are falling victim to scams, crooks and fraudsters who use increasingly sophisticated ways to con innocent people. Personally, I’ve reached the stage where I assume it’s a scam unless certain it’s not.

"Not everyone is as untrusting as I am and worryingly, less than half of those who have been targeted are so embarrassed by a scam that they don’t tell anyone - including their friends, families or the relevant authorities. No-one wants to own up to being conned.  This makes it difficult to assess the full impact that scams have within our local communities, and obviously makes it harder to bring scammers to justice.
“Scams are crimes that can happen to anyone, and we must not be embarrassed if we fall victim to them. They are a poison in our society, made so much worse today because of the Internet. It’s vital that we report any known scams or fraud as soon as we come across them, either to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service, Action Fraud, or to Royal Mail if you have been scammed by post."

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