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Concerns raised over planned recycling bulking plant

Created on 29/07/2018 @ 13:00
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Fears on the impact of tourism from the visual impact of large buildings forming part of a recycling bulking facility and business park at Abermule have been raised as part of a planning consultation.

A full planning application for the Powys County Council operated recycling centre and outline planning for a business park will be considered by councillors on Thursday.

It follows a pre-planning consultation and a statutory notice period for the planning application.

Powys County Council wants to build the centre on land transferred from the Welsh Government alongside the A483 trunk toad at the entrance to the village.

The land had originally received planning permission for a business park.

Ten objections were received as part of the planning process.

These included:

Concerns raised regarding the potential impact of noise disturbance on nearby residential properties
The development will have an adverse effect on nearby residents
Discrepancy within the submitted information regarding operating house
Detrimental impact on health and wellbeing
Odour concerns as the village is down-wind from the development
Site was meant to be a high quality prestigious development
Recycling centre will have a negative impact upon uptake of the business units
Whilst no longer a C2 flood zone, the site does suffer from surface water flooding
Potential for pollution
Tourism will be impacted negatively, including Abermule Hotel and nearby tourism
No justification within the planning application only an assumption of its suitability
Inappropriate to site such a development on a greenfield/B1 site in a rural village
Other locations would be more suitable for development such as locations closer to
Concerns raised over the sustainability of the site being located in Abermule
Proposal does not demonstrate adequate control over noise, dust and air quality
Proposed building out of scale with the area
Surface water drainage is an issue at the site
Roof of the building not being used for solar power

"Full planning permission is sought for the construction of a recycling bulking facility to allow the bulking of paper, cardboard, cans, glass and plastic bottles," states the planning application.

"The proposed bulking facility is located on the south-western part of the site. The facility will also incorporate an area for the collection of green/food waste. The proposed development will provide 33 staff parking spaces along with 25 spaces for refuse vehicles. Facilities are also provided for the re- fuelling and cleaning of vehicles. The site will be operational from 07:00 to 18:00.

"The proposed building will measure approximately 48.4 metres in length, 34 metres in width with a maximum height of 13.4 metres. A single storey element is located on the south eastern elevation which measure approximately 34 metres in length, 6.4 metres in depth, with a maximum height of 6.7 metres.

"This will provide approximately 1863 square metres of floorspace. The building will be of a steel portal construction finished in matt black plastic coated profile steel sheeting and render for the walls and matt black plastic coated profile steel sheeting for the roof. Windows and doors will be finished in black framed to match the walls.

"The site will be finished with 2.4 metre high black powder coated steel palisade fencing and an 8 metre wide entrance gate at the access to the bulking site.
Outline planning permission is sought for the construction of 6 units for B1 (Business), B2 (General Industrial) and B8 (Storage or distribution) on the site. The proposed units would be located on the north-eastern section of the site."

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