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Political row breaks out over Asperger's councillors

Created on 21/05/2018 @ 10:14
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A major political row has broken out at Powys County Council over the rejection of Councillor Pete Roberts as chairman of the Learning Skills and Economy Scrutiny Committee.

The councillor was about to be voted off as the paid chairman of the important scrutiny committee because of a poor attendance record when he made a passionate speech to the council announcing he had high functioning Autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

A vote of 33-24 rejected the Liberal Democrat’s nomination of the Llandrindod Councillor sparking its Leader Councillor James Gibson-Watt to call it a “shameful day for Powys County Council.” 

“It’s a pretty shameful day for the authority and I’ve seen some pretty difficult ones,” he said. “Members need to reflect very carefully on what they have done.”

But now a second councillor with the condition has accused the Lib Dems of lying to cover up the councillors poor attendance level.

It is understood that the Lib Dem Leader had been asked to put forward a different candidate because of Councillor Roberts poor attendance record.

Councillor Roberts, who has an attendance record of only 46% blamed clashes with medical appointments for his no-shows.

But on Sunday Conservative Councillor Iain Mcintosh announced that he too had high functioning Asperger’s syndrome and accused the Lib Dems of deceiving members of the public by making them think Councillor Roberts had been removed because of his medical condition.

“This is a total and utter lie,” he said. “Having Asperger’s syndrome in no way justifies not turning up to so many committee meetings. My attendance record is currently 100% and if I need to see my doctor or make any other appointments I make sure I fit them in with my council commitments.

“In a paid role it is simply unacceptable for Cllr Pete Roberts not to do the same, particularly in a role that is supposed to be overseeing the way vital services such as children’s and adult services is run.

“As someone with this condition who knows exactly what it entails I am very angered and appalled at the way the Lib Dem group has deceived the public by making them think Councillor Roberts was removed because of his condition.

“To the entire Liberal Democrat group I say the way you have spun and commented on this situation, placing someone like me in the position where I have had to disclose my condition, to disprove your claims, is utterly disgusting. I hope you all feel proud of yourselves.”

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