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£400 on the spot fines for fly-tipping

Created on 22/02/2018 @ 07:00
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Fly-tippers in Newtown could soon receive immediate fixed penalty fines of between £150 and £400 rather than prosecution under plans being considered by Powys County Council.

The new system of fines, similar to those made for parking or speeding, aim to increase the number of people reprimanded for small-scale fly tipping.

Up until now, fly-tippers had to be taken to magistrates court, which can take months. In October last year a new law came into force that would allow councils to issue fixed penalty notices.

Tomorrow (Friday), cabinet members are expected to implement fixed terms fine that could mean immediate fines against those fly-tipping. Other councillors will have five days to call the decision in or it will come into force on 5 March.

People dumping waste in local lay-bys, fields and around community recycling sites or in the recycling banks themselves could receive an FPN if caught.

"The effects of fly tipping are far reaching and include pollution of the environment and loss of amenity," states a report to councillors.

"Fly tipped waste also tends to attract further fly tipping. The clean- up costs are also significant and amounted to £65k for Powys County Council to clear public land in 2016/17.

"This does not take into the account the impact or clean-up costs for private land owners."

In 2016, there were 994 incidents of fly tipping recorded in Powys.

The report adds: "Where possible, enforcement action is taken whenever there is evidence of an offender having fly- tipped waste. However investigations are notoriously difficult and time consuming as they involve site visits, interviews and case preparations for court.

"Once in the court, offenders are usually prosecuted but fines rarely exceed £1000. The introduction of FPN’s is seen as an opportunity to offer a more efficient and proportionate response for dealing with small scale fly-tipping incidents which will also ease the burden on the court system. The issue of FPN’s provide an opportunity for first time non-habitual offenders to avoid court and a possible criminal record."

A small fly-tipping case is described as being:

Up to a car boot load
Up to 8 black bags
One or two bulky items (e.g. furniture, white goods)
A single full bin bag

Under the new system, of the 994 reported fly-tipping cases in Powys last year, 270 would fall into the system of fines proposed.

The council plans to fine the fly-tippers £400, with an early payment option of £200.

Councillors will be asked to vote on the plans tomorrow.

Photo: Fly-tipping in Newtown's Back Lane car park (photo: Richard Williams)

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