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New parking orders could come into force in Newtown

Created on 27/12/2017 @ 13:44
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New road safety and traffic management schemes could soon be considered for streets and roads in Newtown following the lifting of a ban on new orders by Powys County Council.
The council approved a general moratorium for new permanent traffic regulation orders in January 2009 – implemented from April that year – as part of a savings measure only allowing new orders if they were funded as part of a capital scheme.

This meant no new parking, speed or other orders could be put in place unless they were part of a major capital scheme, such as a new development or road that affected traffic.

It is understood there are no plans to implement any new orders in Newtown immediately, although Newtown Town Council or Powys County Council will now have an opportunity to out forward changes for consideration if it wants.
Cabinet Member for Highways, Councillor Liam Fitzpatrick said: “The moratorium served a useful purpose but traffic management and road conditions have changed and we feel it is important to have the flexibility to improve highway safety when necessary.
“In future we will use permanent traffic orders, including parking orders, to improve traffic management and road safety in the county. But, any proposed order will have to be carefully assessed and ranked against competing schemes for implementation.
“The lifting of the moratorium will give town and community councils the opportunity to influence local traffic management issues by asking for new orders to be considered. Any new traffic order will be funded by the council’s highways capital budget and implemented on a strict priority basis.”

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