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Highways and medical staff praised for work in snow

Created on 13/12/2017 @ 07:45
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A Newtown councillor has praised the hard work of county council highways workers and medical staff for clearing the roads and dealing with patients during this week's adverse weather.

Cllr Joy Jones, said the community was thankful for their hard work.

"I would like to thank all the highways men who have worked so hard to keep us all safe and help us keep the main roads cleared and safe 

"The workers driving snow ploughs and gritter lorries have had to work in very dangerous situations clearing roads that most of us would not like to drive on if there was a frost day.

"But to have to be on them in thick snow can be a very fighting job. A lot of the roads they cleared have very dangerous steep drops the other side of the hedge.

"There is a lot of work that goes into making sure the operation runs smoothly and there are areas that they haven't been to yet but they have tried to make sure all priority roads have been cleared.

"Many of them work during the night to make sure we can get about in the morning."

Cllr Jones added: "This also goes for all nursing and medical staff who have made sure anyone who needed their service got the care they should receive."

She said there had ben tremendous community spirit over the past few days in Newtown.

"There has been tremendous community spirit with people helping their neighbours and others clearing pavements. Its nice to see people helping each other not just staying in doors complaining that it hasn't been done for them.

"Also big thank you to all our emergency services who have been working hard to help and rescue people who have got into difficulties or trouble. 

"It is good when communities pull together. I would like to remind people to check on you neighbours or people you know may not be able to get out and about. Please remember our elderly and people with disabilities as this weather maybe preventing them getting out for shopping or to buy electric or gas top up cards.

"It only takes a couple of minutes to check someone is okay and this could save someone from distress of harm.

I would also like to add how special all the careers who work in the community have been to get to their service users. They really have been heroes walking miles and struggling through the snow to makes sure they didn't  let people down."

Photo: Cllr Joy Jones

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