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Councillor demands compensation for motorists

Created on 21/11/2017 @ 15:12
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Three residents of a Newtown street who had their cars towed away as a result of a clampdown on “nuisance” drivers should be paid compensation, a county councillor has demanded.

MyNewtown reported yesterday how Powys County Council had said motorists parking in Crescent Street and Bryn Street were causing a nuisance and a danger to pedestrians and other motorists.

It follows several years of complaints about parking in the area.

However, it has emerged that at least three residents cars were towed away as part of a crackdown after the council asked police to intervene.

Yesterday, the council issued a statement asking motorists not to park thoughtlessly in the streets.

Now, Cllr Mark Barnes, who had originally told residents the matter had not been instigated by the council, wants each of the three residents to have £150 compensation to reclaim their cars.

“I am formally requesting a goodwill payment to three residents who had their cars towed away due to a heavy handed and ill thought out attempt to  address car parking issues in the area,” he said in a letter to the council.
“Until the press release from Cllr Fitzpatrick came to my attention at 6am today, I thought that the police were acting under their own volition and I had disputed resident’s claims that they had been formally requested to carry out this action by Powys County Council.
“Cllr Fitzpatrick’s press release makes it clear that I was wrong and that others within the Council were addressing the issue without the same care for the residents that I had been offering. 

“The perception in the community, one that I can no longer confidently dispute on PCC’s behalf, is that Powys County Council did ask the Police to remove cars if they were deemed to be causing a construction.”
He added: “The rights and wrongs of this approach are disputable and residents who  have been parking in this way for many years should have been given greater notice and a greater duty of care should have been used to ensure that the message had reached all residents before cars were towed away.
“Whatever your views on all of this are, residents had to pay £150 each to collect their cars plus all the inconvenience. 
“I am asking that Powys County Council makes three goodwill payments to these residents.”

Yesterday, Cllr Liam Fitzpatrick, Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “Leaving a vehicle on a pavement causes real problems for our elderly residents and those who are partially-sighted or generally less mobile. While cars parked too close to junctions causes real problem for other drivers as their views are obstructed.

“Residents living in this part of Newtown have raised their concerns and now I am urging drivers to take more care when they park.

“We will be working with Dyfed Powys Police and will engage with residents and drivers to look at ways to resolve nuisance parking in this part of Newtown.”

Photo: A photograph taken in Crescent Street last year when problems over parking were raised

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