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Cost of pedestrian bridge questioned

Created on 30/10/2017 @ 10:47
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A county councillor has questioned the cost of a pedestrian bridge across a local river when an existing bridge exists.

Powys county councillors approved a planning application by the council itself last week for the footbridge across Aton Carno between Carno and Talerddig.

But Cllr Elwyn Vaughan said it seemed "over the top" for the cost involved and sought clarification as to its cost.

He said: “This new bridge, in aluminium, seems a expensive luxury for a country footpath on a hillside. What is the cost involved and who’s paying for it? It must be circa 60 – 70k.

"Furthermore, considering that it is to be located directly next to a existing bridge that leads to a farm, it does beg the question is it actually needed at all and surely a substantial saving could be made if the existing bridge was used.”

Despite the Committee passing the planning application, Cllr Vaughan has sought clarification from the relevant Cabinet post holder in order to ensure that no money is wasted on a expensive luxury.

Carno community council had also commented to the council in its response to the planning application that is seemed "over the top".

“Let’s hope that common sense prevails,” said Cllr Vaughan.


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