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Community group wants your vote

Created on 25/10/2017 @ 17:03
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Residents and parents in Montgomeryshire are being urged to back a campaign to raise funding for a weekend of creative and fun activity for children in the area.

Dyfodol Powys Futures is urging people to vote for it to win funding for the weekend in Montgomeryshire as part of a national competition by Aviva for community funding.

"We want to provide a programme of weekend creative and fun activity for children with learning and physical disabilities and their parents in rural Powys," said Margaret Evitts of Dyfodol Powys Futures.

"We have three local facilitators who we have already got trained by Touch Trust Cardiff in their recognised methodology.

"They are able to deliver the specially designed programme here in Powys now. The programme increases health, wellbeing and happiness through developing communication and social skills, relaxation, and circulation.

"In our big county of Powys with lots of small towns and communities, it crucially provides a social life and friendships outside school; and much needed parental support through enjoyable shared activity."

Touch Trust sessions develop approval, acceptance, self-esteem, connection, and attention. There is constant praise using all senses and the reinforcement of positive behaviour in all ways possible and repeatedly.

"If a child is sound and/or touch sensitive, or has limited hearing, vision and/or movement consideration is given to make sure that it is personal to them, adapting the session to meet their needs," added Margaret.

Examples are being multi-sensory (visual, vocal, tactile, olfactory, balls, feathers, materials, fibre optic lights, room fragrances, weighted blankets etc.) and choosing music to suit the individuals/groups. Sessions are adapted to a lower intensity and volume for those with sound sensitivity.

The programme sessions are purposely structured, for instance children with autism need routine. The set order establishes a clear beginning, middle and end but with fluidity, enabling children and parents to anticipate and helping to eliminate anxieties. It also enables the children to have strengths in different sections, i.e. free/focused movement, music, relaxation. It is their special time of families being together. The sharing and regular praising nurture a feeling of togetherness and value as well as promoting turn-taking and choice.

The grant will enable the group to provide over 12 months:
Two weekend sessions per month (1 in mid-Powys and 1 in north-Powys)
in accessible community centres that work for the children and their parents
each session for a maximum of 5 children and their families per session 
work with at least 50 families
support the parents as well, enabling time for them to share experiences and information, and develop friendships
support, with the parents, developing a parents’ peer network both physical and virtual (in large, rural Powys different localities and travel distances compound isolation)
Monitor the effectiveness of our sessions through recording the children’s development, and children and parent’s feedback at every session, and using this to improve our delivery and importantly share back individually with children and their parents.

To vote, visit:

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