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Attack victim's father hits out at "thug" culture

Created on 09/10/2017 @ 10:31
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The father of a young man brutally attacked in Newtown early on Saturday has said the attacker will be found and “don’t think your violence will go unpunished.”

Duncan Foulkes, father of Danny who was assaulted near to the McDonalds takeaway after celebrating his employer’s company win at the Powys Business Awards in he town, said what should have been a night of celebration for his son turned into a blue light ambulance trip to hospital.

He said it was apparent the police needed extra support to combat violent behaviour in the town.

 “There is a violent thug walking around Newtown today thinking he has got away with a serious assault. My message to him is don't think your senseless violence will go unpunished. You are probably sick enough to be boasting to your friends about what you have done,” said Mr Foulkes from Tregynzn.

 “Anyone with an ounce of decency or humanity will recognise you for what you really are - a low life who is a danger to the public. One slip will reveal your identity and we will be there to hand you over to the police so that justice is done.

 “In an unprovoked attack, you have left a defenceless young man unconscious, alone and in the dark with the possibility that he could have been fatally injured. There are no words to describe you and you deserve utter contempt.

 “Was it the fact that Danny was wearing a dinner suit that for some reason triggered your violent attack? Danny was wearing the suit because he had been a finalist last night in the Powys Business Awards. What should have been a night of celebration for him ended with a blue light ambulance trip to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital at 5am.

 “Luckily, he has no broken bones but that is by pure luck. My appeal to everyone reading this post today is to put yourselves in our shoes and consider that it was your son who had been seriously assaulted. Are you prepared to accept this type of violence which is becoming all too frequent in Newtown?”

 He added: “Don't you want to rest easy in your beds at night when your sons are out enjoying themselves in the town, rather than being on edge and restless until they are safely home in bed? We need to take the violent minority off the streets and at the same time challenge the police to clamp down on the drugs that are awash in the town.

 “I have every faith in the decent people of Newtown to name and shame the person or persons responsible for this crime. Judging by the overwhelming response that we have received on social media, it seems that most decent people in Newtown share our views.

 “It’s time for ordinary people to reclaim the streets of Newtown from the drugs gangs and thugs. The police obviously need extra support, so it’s time for the politicians to come up with the funding. Otherwise other families in Newtown and surrounding area will continue to be getting phone calls in the middle of the night.”

 Danny had been served at McDonald’s at around 2.30am on Saturday morning before walking towards the town through the Gravel car park. Staff at the takeaway found him returning at around 3.30am with severe facial injuries.

Police have asked anyone with any information about the attack to telephone Newtown Police on 101.

 Photo: Danny Foulkes pictured after the attack in Newtown


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