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Council election nominees revealed

Created on 05/04/2017 @ 16:07
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The starter's gun has been fired for campaigning leading up to next month's town, community and county council elections.

Powys County Council has published the names of candidates for wards in Newtown and surrounding communities.

With several current county councillors standing down at the elections, there are also some new names for the seats representing parts of Newtown at county level for election on 4 May.

Newtown Town Council faces some seats being left open for people to be possibly co-opted on to the council as there are not enough people standing for election in some wards.

Newtown Town Council elections

Newtown Llanllwchaiarn North ward (three seats): Sue Newham (Independent), Roy Allan Norris (Plaid Cymru)

Newtown Llanllwchaiarn West (three seats): John Stephen Barker; Ian Michael Childs (Labour); Dian Gwendolyn Williams (Plaid Cymru); Richard Thomas Williams (Independent)

Newtown Central Ward (four seats): Geoff Parsons (Independent); Davids Mark Selby (Lib Dem); Richard John White (Independent)

Newtown East Ward (three seats): Val Howard (uncontested)

Newtown South Ward (three seats): Richard Gerard Edwards (Plaid Cymru); Susan Mary Hill (Independent); Joy Rachel Jones


Powys County Council elections

Meanwhile, in the county council elections, the following representatives are standing for election:

Newtown Llanllwchaiarn North: Roy Allan Norris (Plaid Cymru); Derry Quinlan (Lib Dem); Daniel Mark Rowlands (Cons)

Newtown Central Ward: David Mark Selby (Lib Dem); Rupert James Taylor (Cons)

Newtown South: Sion Lewis Conlin (Independent); Richard Gerard Edwards (Plaid Cymru); Sharon Evans (Independent); Alan Neil Morrison (Cons)

Newtown Llanllwchaiarn West: Mark Antony Barnes (Cons); Peter Leslie Hough (Lib Dem); Emir Sean Poole (Plaid Cymru); Richard John White (Independent)

Newtown East: Joy Rachel Jones (uncontested)


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