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Need help keeping NY resolution?

Created on 19/01/2011 @ 12:59
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How has your New Year resolution gone so far?
Has the gym seen more of you in the last month than the whole of last year? Did you tell the boss to stuff his job and travel around the world? Are ex-boyfriends numbers still deleted off your phone?
Whatever your resolution was, the promise you made to yourself on December 31 has, more than likely, already been broken.
But help is at hand if that promise was to go on a diet and lose weight.
Phil Collins (52), an experienced hypnotherapist from Manafon knows first-hand that many people make New Year Resolutions but never keep to them.
One of the most popular resolutions is to lose weight.
“How many people say to themselves that as soon as Christmas is over I’m going to go on a diet?” asked Phil (left) who believes that diets don’t work because it starves the body of food.
“The human mind is designed to keep us alive, therefore if we deprive ourselves of food the mind will go into survival mode and it will store some of the food it gets as fat. If the body is given a regular sufficient amount of food and does not feel that it’s starving the mind will not need to go into a survival mode and therefore will not store the food as fat.”
Using his recent training on the fitting of a hypnotic gastric band, Phil’s ‘Mindband’ Weight Loss Programme helps clients lose weight easily. The 12-session programme over 24 weeks addresses any emotional reasons for maintaining weight and then through hypnosis the hypnotic gastric band is fitted making the client believe that their stomach is reduced in size, which prevents them from eating large amounts.
Mr Collins has six years of experience as a hypnotherapist, is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and specialises in helping his clients overcome anxiety, depression, stress as well as weight loss.
So, if your willpower has already caved in, it may just be worth giving Phil a shout.
For further information on his programmes, contact Phil on 01686 650632 or
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