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MP: 2010 was a momentous year

Created on 31/12/2010 @ 09:15
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Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies looks back on 12 dramatic months and looks forward to 12 more
“2010 was a momentous year in my life. It was also a groundbreaking year, both in Montgomeryshire and British politics. Locally, decades of Liberal Democrat parliamentary representation came to end when I was elected as our Member of Parliament. I will forever treasure the confidence that the people of Montgomeryshire showed in me, and will always try to put the interests of the constituency first. At Westminster, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats came together to form a Coalition Government, the first since the Second World War. Both in my own life and at Westminster, a great adjustment has been necessary to meet new expectations. I've had to become used to spending every Monday to Thursday in Parliament. The British people have had to become used to a Government willing to take the tough action needed to tackle the massive challenges involved in rebuilding sound public finances. 
Representing Montgomeryshire in the House of Commons has been a wonderful experience. Only very few politicians are lucky enough to serve their home area in the British Parliament. It was also a great honour for me when the Prime Minister appointed me as PPS in the Wales Office, the first of the 2010 ‘intake’ of new MPs to be promoted. This is the first time that an MP from Montgomeryshire has ever served as part of a Government ministerial team.  I will do my utmost to carry out my extra responsibilities in a professional way.
It has been unusual for me to work alongside Liberal Democrat MPs, and look on them as colleagues. In Montgomeryshire, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems have always been fierce political opponents. But the reality is that I find it very easy to work with Welsh MPs and Cabinet members of both coalition partners. We have forged good working relationships, putting party interests aside in favour of the national interest. The Coalition has been very successful and, in general, I sense is supported by Montgomeryshire people. Government over the next few years is going to be very difficult and it is a strength to have two great national parties working together.
There have several 'highlights' in 2010. Playing my part in ensuring that David Cameron became our Prime Minister was a special experience. Also helping ensure that S4C moved forward with a sustainable budget was another highlight, even if I have been disappointed by aspects of how the channel's board has performed. However, in the words that Tip O'Neill Jnr. made famous "All politics is local", and the most satisfying event of the last year has been the agreement of the Assembly Government to build a kidney dialysis unit in Montgomeryshire. I have been just one of several who have been campaigning for this, over many years, but without the lobbying, I do not think it would have happened. The arrival of this new service early in 2011 will be a great 'local' start to an important year for Wales.
On March 3, there will be a referendum about granting more powers to the National Assembly. My role will be encouraging everyone to vote. On May 5, there will be another referendum on changing the system by which we elect our MPs. And also on May 5, there will be an Assembly Election (when I will be out and about in Montgomeryshire, supporting Conservative candidate, Russell George). Naturally, I hope that 2011 will be politically successful for my party, but much more than that, I hope it will a successful and satisfying year for the people of Montgomeryshire.
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