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Lembit ‘Jungle’ world exclusive

Created on 18/11/2010 @ 12:17
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A former star of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ has told mynewtown that Lembit Opik, 45, may never be taken seriously again as a politician following his Jungle adventure.
Diane Modahl endured the Jungle in 2004 – the same series that saw Peter Andre and Jordan ‘fall in love’ – and the former athletics golden girl believes while it neither helped nor hindered her career, it could prove detrimental to Lembit’s hopes of a Parliamentary comeback.
“The good thing is that Lembit has a genuine opportunity to raise lots, and I mean lots, of money for his chosen charity,” said Diane, a former Commonwealth Games gold medalist middle distance runner. “But if he wants to return to fight for his seat at the next general election, however, and wants to be taken as a serious politician then I don't believe this is the best way to go about it.
“Images of him eating kangaroo body parts for example will come back to haunt him!”
Diane (left) then offered an amusing scenario about Lembit who was ousted as Montgomeryshire’s MP by Glyn Davies at the last election.
“Imagine that he is about to deliver a pledge at the dispatch box and the other politicians will be thinking about what he got up to in the jungle. We mustn’t forget that Lembit and the other contestants have little or no control over how the programme is edited and how they are coming across to viewers. Having said all that - it's only a bit of fun so should not be taken too serious!”
Reality celebrity TV shows like Big Brother have both made and broken careers and Diane admits it has “neither harmed nor helped hers”.
So has Lembit’s decision to go into the Jungle proved that he is at the celebrity/politician crossroads and the next few weeks will decide which direction he takes?
“When the invitation to take part in a successful national programme like I'm A Celeb comes in, it’s very difficult to say no for many reasons,” admits Diane: “When I received my invitation I very quickly forgot that I hate ants; not to mention spiders, worms, snakes, cockroaches, sleeping outdoors, washing in a stream .... I think you get the point? But I still said yes! Maybe because the ego takes over or maybe because the thought of sharing a sleeping space with Peter Andre and Jonny Rotten was just too good to turn down!  Maybe, Lembit is looking for an opportunity to re-invent himself?”
Diane offered one last piece of advice to Lembit, who logs on regularly to mywelshpool.
“I wouldn't describe it as tough in the bigger scheme of things, but he will have to be prepared to put all his inhibitions and fears aside!”
I’m a Celebrity, get me outta here starts tonight (Sunday) on ITV1.
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