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Did Labour Party Leader swear?

Created on 27/02/2019 @ 14:17
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A councillor has accused the leader of the Labour party on Powys County Council of making obscene comments in last Thursday’s full council meeting.

Cllr Iain McIntosh (Conservative – Yscir)  says the comments were made at the end of the morning session by Councillor Matthew Dorrance (Labour – Brecon St John).

He had expected to put forward an amendment to have a working group set up to discuss a better financial settlement for PCC from the Welsh Government – it was discussed and resolved in the afternoon session.

He also says that residents watching the webcast have contacted him to say they had seen the obscenity being said by Labour group leader Cllr Dorrance.

Cllr Dorrance denies any wrongdoing although the Local Democracy Services understands that he has addressed an email to all councillors apologising if any offence was caused by his comments.

Cllr McIntosh said: “During the meeting Cllr Matthew Dorrance can be clearly seen and heard saying “**** **f” whilst on the webcast camera. I personally find this to be extremely offensive. 

“It would have been bad enough if it was just directed to an individual county councillor in private, but to be done in a full council meeting, whilst on the webcast cameras for everyone in Powys to see, it is unforgivable as far as I’m concerned.”

Cllr McIntosh believes Cllr Dorrance should apologise to the Council Chairman (Cllr David Meredith) and those who watched the webcast.

He also said that he would hold all councillors from all groups to account for this type of behaviour and that he does not hold a personal grudge against Cllr Dorrance.

Cllr Dorrance sad: “This is a desperate attempt to smear me. I try not to take any notice of him (Cllr McIntosh) these days.”

A spokesman for Powys County Council, said: “The complainant has been advised that any complaint should be made to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.”

Check for yourself if the councillor swore:

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