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Injured biker's art goes on show

Created on 05/12/2012 @ 09:41
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When Staylittle motorcyclist Lee Morgan was seriously injured after a car ploughed into the back of him and his bike while stationery in a queue of traffic, little did he know it would lead him into producing stunning images that this week go on display at Hafren, Newtown, as part of a two month exhibition.

Lee Morgan and Gary JohnsonLee, a father of three, broke bones and back and neck injuries after the accident in June last year. And it was while being stuck at home recuperating that he turned to airbrushing.

"I started painting and drawing at a young age , working with Oils and Graphite pencils , I wondered about airbrushing but never had the time or money to pursue it .

"Then in June of last year I was unfortunately involved in an RTA , I was stopped in a cue of traffic and a car ran into the back of my bike, I was wearing all the proper gear but still ended up with some broke bones in my left hand and a bad back and neck," said Lee.

Lee Morgan artHe added: "For the following month to six weeks I was bored stiff. There was nothing on TV and my left hand was in a cast . I spent a long time scanning the Internet and stumbled upon an airbrush for £20 .

"I did a quick review check and ordered it . Once my hand was use able I started learning how to use the airbrush and refined the art . I sold my first painting for £200 which afforded me a better airbrush and so it began really. I have been painting since .

"All of this has had to be worked around me having a bad back so regular stops meant I wasn't in agony."

Lee has created some stunning images with his talent. Many of his motorcycling passion, others of people and other images, all of which can be seen at Hafren in Newtown until the 4th February 2013.

Lee said: "I am now getting treatment from Ceri Jones Ostiopathy in Llanidloes which is helping loads. I hope to be able to make this my full time career if I get enough interest."


Caption: Lee Morgan (right) with Isle of Man TT competitor Gary Johnson and one of the pieces of airbrushed art.

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